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We left the Netherlands in 2007 to set up the ‘Tim & Kim Village’ camp in Gorgora. Our aim was to help the local population in and around Gorgora. The way we do this is to enable them to build their own future in Ethiopia’s growing tourism industry. By creating employment and practical experience on the campsite, we aim to stimulate people into becoming independent of financial support from the West.

The village of Gorgora is faced with many problems. It has no clean drinking water, proper medical facilities or school materials, and the education provided in its school is poor. In addition, there are many unnecessary deaths due to illnesses such as malaria. Any profit we make on the campsite is ploughed back into projects for the village. In 2009 the Gorgora Development Board was set up in order to ensure that this is done properly. Its committee is formed of prominent members of the local population such as the mayor, the school principal, the priest, the director of the water board, and representatives of young people, the women of Gorgora and Tim himself. Together we decide which projects are most urgent and we make agreements about the requisite investments and their management.

Your visit to our campsite therefore directly benefits the local population. If we would like to be of more assistance, you can sponsor us through the Tim & Kim Village Foundation.

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